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What We Do - Key Service Areas

New Business Set-up
Providing Specialist Advice and Assistance with New Ideas and Growth Strategies.
We help you develop an idea through to a fully operational business.

Re-evaluating your Business or Franchise System, Franchisee and Customer Needs.
We bring our wide range of experience to focus on your business.

Understanding & Resolution
Understanding and Facilitating Resolution of Issues.
We are ideally placed to be of assistance having facilitated the largest and most comprehensive change project in New Zealand franchising history. This project initially involved the resolution of over 200 issues!

Plan for the Future - NOW!
Strategising and Implementing a Plan for the Future.
We bring to our clients an understanding of the pace of change and the need to have a workable plan for the future. If the competition is not here yet - it is coming! As are changes driven by technology.

Managing Recruitment and Selection
Managing Recruitment, Site Selection and Re-Sale Processes.
We have significant experience in this area and a detailed understanding of:

    a. The absolute importance of the need to find people who fit
    b. Of the risks associated with pre-contractual negotiations.

Business Management
Independent Business and Franchise Management.
With a background of senior management experience and a clear understanding of the dynamics involved we bring hands on experience to our clients. Recent experience has involved managing a chain with in excess of 35 outlets and a second with over 90 outlets.

We can help you Work Smarter and let you Enjoy the Success.
All of our clients strive for Lifestyle - we provide simple i
deas to help you ACHIEVE it.

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